Designing and developing portal and online services for more than ten years, Sigma IT Infrastructures Development Co. is one of the leading companies in providing enterprise portals and safe e-services in Iran. Empowered by its especial features and security, our portal has been used by a wide variety of customers including government organizations and institutes as well as famous private companies. First rank conceded by Supreme Informatics Council of Iran is one of items for Sigma to be honored. We are honored to have 8 ministries, Presidency of Islamic republic of Iran, MTN Irancell, Iran Air Airline Co., National Iranian Oil Co., Informatics Services Co., Payame noor university, The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, Ground Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Parsian Bank and many other institutes and organizations among our clients.

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website quality assurance checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to provide a method of validation for web developers at ECU to assist with meeting the minimum requirements set out in the Web Content Management policy (ref) and the Corporate Web Style guidelines (ref). You should aim to Pass all three parts of the checklist.

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Quality Assurance Checklist websites

When developing a new website, it is extremely important to thoroughly test the website and check for functionality, content and design. Proper quality assurance will help you avoid costly oversights, broken functionality, and embarrassing errors. Every web development company should have their own QA process, but you can use this checklist to double check that the work is high quality and that your launch will be successful. If you are unclear what any of these terms mean, ask your developer to explain them to you.

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elearning market trends and forecast 2014 2016 docebo report

The current speed of change means that employees need to be trained continuously in order for Companies to avoid the dangers of being out-thought and out-maneuvered by competitors. These training initiatives (incorporating individual and group training activities) need to be monitored and managed via a consistent and reliable tracking system that can be stored, consulted and analyzed as required. The system’s data will be useful for management reports on productivity and for assessing individuals’ career advancement.

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Best practices for Developing a Website

In the mid-1990s the business question of the day was “Do you have a Web site?” A well-designed Web site was a new and exciting marketing medium that businesses and users alike saw as a novel, nice-to-have tool. Fast-forward a decade and nice-to-have has given way to necessity, and questions of Web presence have given way to questions of Web purpose.

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