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Benefiting from Sigma Portal, enterprise portal or web deployment with appropriate and various text and multimedia informing tools in multi languages could be comfortably applied in the minimum time.
Some of Sigma CMS Modules:
- Custom text (html)
- News
- Most viewed news
- Articles
- Reports
- Regulations
- Standards
- Instructions
- Publications (books, articles)
- Calendar
- Advertisements
- Downloads and files
- Gallery
- Organizational chart
- Translator
- Weather
- Projects
- Products
- Tenders & auctions
- Animations
- Events
- Site map
- Web directory
- Related items
Capabilities of Sigma CMS:
 Design and Implementation of desirable graphic for the page and modules
 Responsive template
 Theme management
 Theme edition
 Personalization & customization
 Advanced news generation
 Place news body, headline, summary, news registry date, and news resource equipped by multiple show sorting
 Show number of viewers for each news
 Selection of hot news among archive news by a different show
 News show by different appearances such as slideshow
 Definition of news groups and assign a unique news to multiple groups
 Send news to friends’ email
 Convert news to print version with defined appearance
 Multimedia items and generation of video and audio sites
 Generation of different albums with different topics
 Place video and audio archive (movie broadcasting without need to specific software installation)
 Ultra-modern search
 Surveillance on performance of admins and portals’ viewers
 Observation of daily website view stats
 Observation of all events on a record, registrar of record, record view rate, etc.
 Observation of view stats of pages in a time period
 Full compatibility of portal with search engines
 Generation of e-shops equipped with online payment


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