The first Huawei 5G smartphone will be released on May 16 in London.

Huawei will release its first 5G smartphone on May 16 in London. Will the first 5G version of Huawei be the updated version of P30 Pro?

The first 5G-equipped smartphone will soon follow the P30 Pro which was released in London in May.

In an interview held in the event, Richard Yu, the executive of Huawei, said to the CNET reporters that he expected the 5G technology to be available on Mate series which are usually launched in September or October. Therefore, the technology is expected to be available on Mate series as well as the updated version of P30 Pro. It is also likely that the first 5G smartphone by Huawei will be a brand new version.

The 5G technology is one of the biggest trends of the mobile technology in 2019, which has already been inaugurated by mobile operators globally.

This wireless network technology will make ideas such as smart houses, autonomous cars and independent virtual reality (VR) more feasibly practical. However, as regard the smartphones, it means faster and more reliable connection to the Internet.

The 5G network and the phones which support it are now available, but the technology is still in its beginning levels and the key to its durability is the pioneering companies manufacturing phones compatible with the technology.

The British government still hesitates to legalize the use of Huawei network devices for the 5G infrastructure in the country due to its probable connection with the Chinese government.

Honor, the sister company of Huawei, also intends to introduce its latest series of flagged phones by the following week on May 21. Honor has not announced any news of launching 5G technology to the market although George Zhao, the executive of Honor, claimed that releasing 5G smartphones is one of the company's top priorities this year in an interview with CNET held in Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

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