Tuesday 11/5/2019

Sigma Co. is one of the most active companies in the field of ICT with years of experience.

Sigma Co. is a knowledge-based company and has the first ranking of IT product development and customer support and also is ranked 1st in IT consulting filed.

We currently have more than 50 full-time staff members and over 20 part-time employees, and over 90% of our partners are young.

Four business areas of Sigma Co. consist of organizational portals, information technology consulting, cloud computing and credit ratings. Sigma Co. has valuable customers such as Informatics Services Corporation, Irancell Co., Iran National Petroleum Company, Saman Bank, Iran Information Technology Organization, and others.

 Membership in the premier league in the four areas and to be proud of contracting the aforementioned great corporations. Therefore Sigma Co. has a huge mission to accomplish and due to Sigma’s mission, we are so hard-working. At Sigma Co., we make the effort to do the best at the earliest possible time and always strive to study and implement the latest innovations to maintain our excellence and to privilege our customers with the latest knowledge and technologies.

We are confronting a novel technology, idea or new feature weekly in the areas of Portal, consulting and cloud Computing and we deal with them strongly and effectively.
Sigma is the designer and supplier of tools to design and run organizational portals, safe and secure electronic services, cloud computing services, accessibility (WCGA), credit scoring and e-government consultation to organizations and companies
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