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Information security
Sigma IT Infrastructure Development Company, with a history of years of activity in the field of information and communication technology, holds the rank of a High Informatics Council in the field of production and support of customer order software and holds a rank of Informatics in the field of IT consulting.

Due to the vitality of information security of information and communication technology systems and also the increasing variety of threats and complexities of these systems, companies and organizations need to be able to secure their systems from the design stage and then production and then Provide establishment and maintenance. Sigma is with them in this matter.

Our consulting services

Sigma Information Security Services

Our services in the field of security

  • Generate a custom firewall
  • Custom WAF production
  • Designing information security architecture of organizations and companies
  • Windows and Linux Professional Security Services
  • Launch SSO based on OIDC and OAuth2.0

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