What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to create new business processes or change the business, culture and customer experiences. This re-imagining of business in the digital age is called digital transformation.

In another definition, digital transformation refers to the integration of technology in all business processes of the organization with a focus on how to provide value to the customer. This integration is accompanied by a change of culture.

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Danesh Bonyan Company, Sigma Information Technology Infrastructure Development Company, with a history of years of activity in the field of information and communication technology, holds the rank of a High Informatics Council in the field of production and support of customer order software and holds a rank of Informatics in the field of IT consulting. Be.
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  • Enterprise portal and electronic services
  • Information and communication technology consulting
  • Cloud computing (public, private and telecommunication clouds)
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In recent years, in order to integrate all activities, digital transformation in organizations and large companies has expanded, so in this regard, Sigma Information Technology Company offers its consulting services in this area to organizations.

Our consulting services

The impact of digital transformation in the organization

The impact of digital transformation in the organization

Compete in the digital world with expert advice from Sigma. Our unique and thought-provoking process helps organizations benefit from the results of digital investment in business.

Results of realizing the concept of digital transformation in the organization:

  1. Reduce costs and risks by making informed decisions
  2. Increase labor productivity and innovation
  3. Closer participation by increasing cooperation
  4. Provide a great impact of convergent experiences in the organization
  5. Engineering next generation products and services
  6. Changing the digital experience in the organization

Digital transformation with Sigma

Sigma Digital Transformation Consulting Services

  1. A review of global experiences in the field of digital transformation, especially in similar organizations
  2. Suggest possible options for digital transformation of transformable organizations
  3. Prepare a roadmap for the digital transformation of the organization according to the priorities of that organization
  4. Creating convergence and collaboration and integration between organizations
  5. Participate in the selection of technologies and suppliers of digital transformation

Success factors in the customer experience in the transformation process

Digital transformation is a journey that can lead to cultural change. Therefore, the success factors in the customer experience in the transformation process are:
  1. Design and digitize customer travel
  2. Increase speed and agility in insights
  3. Get customer acceptance from customer digital trips
  4. Develop agility in travel developments

Steps to create a digital transformation strategy in the organization

A digital transformation framework defines processes with achievable goals for organizations, which drive the organization towards digital business. Of course, given the uniqueness of each business, no single framework will be effective in the digital transformation of all companies.

Five important steps in creating a digital transformation strategy for any organization:
  1. Start big.
  2. Build the right workforce.
  3. Focus on the customer.
  4. Connect digital dots.
  5. Empower employees with data.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

  1. Improve productivity and flexibility
  2. Simplify the workflow
  3. Increase agility and innovation
  4. reduction in costs
  5. Improve customer satisfaction
  6. Continuous progress
  7. Encourages cooperation in all areas
  8. Updates skills and knowledge
  9. Strengthens digital culture
  10. Strengthens processes and operations
  11. Changes the customer experience

Five key moves

  1. Focus on clear goals
  2. Determination in determining the scope of change
  3. Creating a flexible design
  4. Select mental structure and agile executive approaches
  5. Organizational leadership transparency and accountability

Consulting process

Optimal quality development in a timely manner! This is the advantage of our agile machine learning development method. Take a look at the whole process
  1. Submit your project requirements
  2. Share project details with our analysts
  3. Finalize project conditions and schedule with us.
  4. After the contract, start the action safely!
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