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The 5G technology, or the 5th generation of cellular network, is developing rapidly and telecommunication companies are currently testing its standards. The 5th generation of the wireless is the latest technology within the scope of mobile communications, which will significantly add to the speed and reliability of the wireless networks.

The 5G Internet connection will be far faster than 4G. This generation is expected to be 10 to 20 times as fast as the 4th . Although the speed of the 5th generation has reached a maximum of 4500 mbps in laboratory conditions, in the real world conditions the speed would be a bit lower than that.

About us

Sigma is a knowledge-based company for the development of information technology infrastructures with years of experience in the scope of information technology and communication within the country. According to the supreme council of informatics in Iran, the company comes first in the areas of production and maintenance for customer order software as well as that of IT-based counseling services.

Over the past few years, an increase of over hundreds of times in data traffic, a rise in the number of devices and equipment linked to wireless networks up to tens of times bigger and the additional variety in customer demands for services call for a need to develop current networks beyond the 4th generation to the so-called 5th generation. To achieve the same goal, Sigma has started its counseling services to investigate this 5th generation of communication networks from a technical, as well as economic, perspective.

  1. A record of engagement in communication and IT-based projects
  2. Research as well as practical activities in regulatory and drawing regulations regarding 5G.
  3. Expertise in market system and regulating 5G markets
  4. Cooperation in developing the technical standards
  5. Chief architect of SDN/NFV

Our consulting services

Sigma's counselling services include

  • Creating Telco cloud for the mobile telecommunication company of Iran (MCI)
  • Creating a 5G proof of concept (POC) network for three 5G use-cases with the scale of 10 next generation radio (NG-radio)
  • Preparing the roadmap to migrate from the current conventional network to the state-of-the-art network, based on 5G and SDN, in the mobile telecommunication company of Iran (MCI)
  • Project management for enhancing the current network being used at the mobile telecommunication company of Iran (MCI) into a SDN-based network


The first Huawei 5G smartphone will be released on May 16 in London.

Huawei will release its first 5G smartphone on May 16 in London. Will the first 5G version of Huawei be the updated version of P30 Pro?

The first 5G iPhone will be released to market in 2021

Although most mobile companies will release their first 5G mobiles in 2019, Apple doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to do so.

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About 5G

Adding More Transmitters

Another point worth mentioning is that millimeter waves have a more limited penetration coefficient. For instance, it is more difficult for them to pass through walls and clouds, which is the reason justifying the fact that more networks are necessary to ease its use. Antennas are to be directly attached to receivers following the slightest motions by the user. In order to use the 5th generation of Internet connection, one should be equipped with special and compatible modems.

Data Protection

With the sudden sharp rise in Internet connection speed, the information bulk In the Internet will also be on the rise, which highlights the importance of information safety even more than before. The architecture of the 5th generation is based on millimeter waves, which makes data protection an even more complicated task than it used to be.

20 times faster

The distance between data transferring waves is bigger in the 4th generation, while the 5th generation has a significantly smaller distance. This contributes to a twenty fold increase in the current speed. For example, if it takes a couple of minutes to download a 1GB movie using the 4th generation, it will be reduced to a couple of seconds with the 5th generation. The 5th generation is virtually supposed to decrease the duration of data transfer to nearly zero. This speed is specifically a determining factor in electronic medicine, urban management, autonomous car development and factory modernization plans.

100 times greater capacity than 4G

On top of the extraordinary speed in the 5th generation, the capacity of the network is another great advantage it brings. This helps to improve connection speed in specific areas where number of users is higher than average.

This problem is not due to a lack of Internet connection or data bandwidth, it is in fact because of an important defect in data delivery mechanism resulting from a lack of 4G antennas. The loading capacity of the 5G network is 100 times bigger than 4G, which means that users can connect to the same data network with more devices without interfering with other users' speed.

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